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Dumpster Rental & Junk Removal

Commercial/Residential- (Click To View Work)

Service Description

Do you need some assistance getting rid of unwanted items? Here at Land Healing we provide you with the solution to make your life easy. We have helped countless business, and home owners with the dilemma of how, when, and the cost to remove their unwanted items off their property. So, how can Land Healing help you? Please check the services we offer below! - Dumpster Rental - Junk Removal - Debris Hauling 15 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rental Description: Dumpster is equipped with automobile tires making it perfect for city use, driveways , and situations where pavement is deteriorating. Price Breakdown Initial Cost: $485 drop off with 1 ton included in fee Excess weight $75 per additional ton for trash/yard waste Excess weight $95 per additional ton for dirt/concrete/stone etc.. *Receipt will be given to customer in the event their haul weight goes over the included 1 ton in price. Junk Removal: Will be priced upon review of job/project.

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